My sentiments exactly!

Thankful I have a job, but somedays I feel like this!

must be my working place they're talking about!!

Yeah I doubt it!!! U would wish u were back at ur job doing whatever u do.

Only because its that hot in my area!!!!!

My last job was Like that! I still have nightmares!

This cracks me up because I feel like this sometimes. Not so much lately thank God!

Wow, how bad does your job suck? Time to change careers.

Only sad thing is all my past and present bosses will there...............

Actually I would say your work is probably paradise compared to what hell is according to the bible. Everlasting fire, burning, where people are weeping and nashing thier teeth eternally. But there is good news, Jesus is the only way to heaven.

Really? You wouldn't be missed at work?

If work is that bad, you might want to check out a different job !

Joanna am missing you at work .When are you coming back?Nobody is able to fill your space.Is very difficult to work without you.see you soon dear

Lol not work hell is right here and now... its called life

Ain't that the truth!!But you make work more enjoyable:):)

Damn dude. You need a shake up!!!