Venus the cat is attracting a lot of attention on account of her striking looks. Her Facebook page has now been liked more than 12,000 times. The coloring of the three-year-old kitty’s face is perfectly divided between black and ginger tabby, and she has one green eye and one blue. Her owner says her nature is just as beautiful as her appearance, so we're guessing Ve
nus has no more of a split personality than any other feline.

"Chimera cat is one individual organism, but genetically its own fraternal twin. A chimera is typically formed from four parent cells (either two fertilized eggs, or two early embryos that have fused together). When the organism forms, the cells that had already begun to develop in the separate embryos keep their original phenotypes and appearances. This means that the resulting animal is a mixture of tissues and can look like this gorgeous (but bizarre) kitty." According to venus page.