This bizarre little creature is a Phronima, a group of animals found throughout the worlds oceans (except polar regions). Phronima has six species, and like many marine animals they are transparent.
Females attack salps (a type of plankton), devour the animal and hollow out its shell. She then enters it and lays her eggs inside. After she's deposited her eggs, she propels her cargo through the water as the offspring develop, providing them with food.

However, that's not the really cool part (in my opinion anyway). Have you figured out what they look like yet? It's a Xenomorph Queen!

Image taken on the scientific Tara Expedition.

And people don't believe in Aliens. Granted this is not an Alien, just look at it! This is homegrown! Imagine what else is out there in the Universe. Open your minds up people!

Haha awsome pic I can't lie but in reality it just looks like a seethrough shrimp. But in this pic it does look like something for aline vs. Predator


predator/hydralisk's love child

What a bizarre little creature... now to bioengineer a giant, armored version! Muahahahaha! It'll be hollowing out and laying eggs in main battle tanks when I am done!