The largest moth species in the world

Butterfly keeper Heather Prince holds one of a newly-emerged Atlas Moth (Attacus Atlas) a Chester Zoo. With a wingspan of 30cm it is the largest moth species in the world

I wanna be a butterfly keeper!

Something tells me chuck norris has a hand to this mutation thingy

Haha i was just talking about this the other day! I still think the poodle moth is cooler.
Bugs are cool, maybe I should be a bug scientists

this isn't a mutation, I'm sure it's evolved slowly into a bigger species but this is how it is

saw one of these in Greenville NC I didn't think they were anything special and I thought it was a butterfly got some good pics of It though

I thought that the Black Witch moth was the largest moth in the world??
Oops...I stand corrected...the Black Witch is the largest moth in North America with a six to seven inch wing span