A dolphin carrying her deceased calf out to sea was filmed off the coast of the Guangxi Zhuang region, in China. The female dolphin was spotted carrying the 1.5-meter long baby on her dorsal fin as she swam in the Sanniang Bay.
It’s pink skin indicated it was a newborn and it is believed the female has carried it since its death three days ago. A large gash, approximately a foot long, was visible across the calf’s belly.It is possible the infant was killed by the propeller of a boat.
The dolphin was thought to be moving her dead calf away from the shore to lay it to rest in deeper water.

everyone and everything just grows up and dies... so I guess you don't care much about anything... Dolphins are incredible creatures, they are probably smarter than a lot of humans now a days! Most animals care about their babies, but not many would go to these lengths for them to be put to rest in peace.. a more than " a god damn fish " would do..

Dolphins are said to have the feelings and thoughts of a human...this displays that to be true