Yes UNHARMED (Unless you have some cut in your mouth). SNAKE VENOM only affects your blood stream and tissue.
The snake venom will be digested and will be released from your excretory system !!!

yes its true i have done it .. but u should be careful u should not even have a scratch in ur throat...
snake venoms effect on blood

Venom is not poison. Drinking venom is completely harmless

his is not fact if we drink the venom our blood would clot and we will die

This somehow doesn't add up! Then how is it possible, that the ones who drink alcohol with snake, scorpion or other kind of venom in some of the asian country's get this warning/message first "not to drink more than just a little, if they get more of the told amount they can even fall into coma or in the worst case scenario die in agony?!

duh.... our stomach will digest the venom.. its protein... so it will be degraded.... while in intact form venom flows in blood ,it clogs the nerve receptors soo our body wont gets signals to move... lungs stop working heart stops... its not venom kill is directly.. it the our body doesn't get oxygen or blood flow..