he: 'if one day I would loose all my possessions, would you still love me???' she:'of course I would still love you and I would miss you so much'

the one on the right should eat some of that cake, right now!

The man in the right photo, on the right is Giorgio Armani. She's the lucky one in that relationship. Not him.

If the female was an old lady and the man was younger then the female would want a strong healthy looking man - ...I rest my case :)

false assumption... Love knows no boundaries.

A person does not have to grow that old to be loved for his/her money. It's just a matter of winning a jackpot to get a person who's got the looks and the money. Either way that person loses big time. How to be loved for being you: stop flaunting your money, go to decent socials and put sex in the back door and give time to get to know each other before anything else. But if you are just in with what money can buy then you know you are buying company not relationship.

LOVE is truly blind when money can see and hear everything clearly..