Soytemuco – In a fire this morning in the Santa Rosa de Temuco, a dog (Amanda) saved all her cubs just 10 days old, moving them from the burning house to safety as it was the steps of the car bomb. The fire destroyed partially the house w
here dwelt the brave pet. While firefighters put out the fire came, the dog in an act of protection of one to one mother put her puppies in the sill of the fire truck, in a safe place. The cubs were taken to a veterinary clinic where they are retrieved along with his mother. Altamira Veterinary Clinic reported that “are good, except for a puppy that has multiple burns and one with treatment. ” The house burned up to Omar Torres, father of the famous boxer temuquense Tumbaíto Jose Torres. You cant’ be a bigger hero than this can you? Like if this was a human mother she’d just be wailing and moaning about how her kids are stuck inside and begging fire fighters to save them. Not Amanda the dog. It doesn’t matter that the house is in flames. Her kids are inside. That’s all that matters. She’ll just keep going back until she rescues every one of them because that’s how dogs roll. Leave no man behind. Dogs are the only animals capable of loving others more than they love themselves.