Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful... that's what matters to me.

... Said the richest man in the cemetery.

TRUE. Its our actions that will determine what will become of us after we perish, either we go to heaven or HELL! or those of you who believe in reincarnation it is our actions that will determine what we will be re-born as. ! So live you life compassionately and wisely because not all the money power and success will save you when you die.

Steve Jobs did end up the richest man in the cemetery. He and Apple never gave any money away to any charities. ever.

I never forget the man in palliative I cared for.. all the other nurses assigned him to me cos he was so blatantly contankerous! He was def, going through the "anger" stage.. and couldn't understand why if he had all this money, flew and owned his own airplane etc.. how cancer could be so determined to take his strength each day... Long story short.. he did pass on.. but at least he wasn't miserable about it after a week with me sitting with him and letting him know he wasn't dying alone .. Honestly... It made us both feel better about life and death in the long run of it all

philosophy is brilliant however Jobs was a known user of slave labour and worker exploitation.

Being the Richest man in the Cemetary doesn't really matter anyway, you can't spend your wealth and your Riches after your Dead!!

Yet I see a big difference between going to bed and going to the grave. A guy who is Going to be the richest guy in the cemetery can say this to people who have to juggle just to have a few things they need every week. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be wealthy. Or at least I hope people want to enjoy more than the struggle of life. If money would help that, then a good tool is a good tool.

Seeing he was incredibly unphilanthropic...and leveraged overworked underpaid third world labor...and took billions to the grave...hmmmm

my father can buy anything & yet when I asked if I could take mum's cake to a charity cause I didn't have time to cook both food & sweets, he said NO, IT"S ALL MINE!!! Rich people for the odd most part are terribly greedy. So yes, their riches are taken to the grave and if anything is to spare, hell give it to the community (just a bit) so that God could see what great people they are.

Amen - my good deed a day philosophy and I want to die with the least amount of money I can, but with a whole list of those I helped. Love your thinking, MOM

A gift Steve Jobs was to the world. The perfect example of a person that understood the meaning of hard work and how much it means to make a difference.

What matters is you enternal destiny. Eternity is forever!

And I believe he probably was among the richest men in that Cemetary!!!