This is a good comparison to dwell on

Olympic thought: You must run in the lane you have been assigned!

Come on baby jump into my bowl and let's live happy together.

True okay... But I saw many a fish die doing this when I grew up. Nothing's more disheartening to a little girl than to find the ones that didn't make it. Many a Japanese koi, carp, & goldfish, etc. still can't eat fish to this day because of it. Haha.

on my wall too! i have been avoiding the new life ahead long enough..

It's also important to be content where you are. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. We had a giant fish jump from a 50 gallon tank into a tiny 10 gallon tank and then could hardly move around. Sometimes Heaven is right where we are and we just need to count the blessings that we have.

correct...because life doesn't come the way we planned and the way we want it to be:)

out of one comfort zone to a whole new world......... our adventure in 2005 that turned our lives around :)

Wow!! Thank you for your "always" funny, on track and consistent insight as to the hilarity of life itself! XO