The kitten already has the dog trained.

That kitten looks like a tough one!

Cat will totally own the dog.

That dog is in so much trouble. Kitten claws are some of the sharpest things in existence. Not only that, you do not feel the damage being caused; you only realize the truth when you are bleeding out from thousands of pin pricks.

The cat will try and the dog will probably be terrified!!

the kitty will "kill"the cuteness

Don't be deceived by kitten's size. Kitten's power level is over 9000!!!!

I think that this is bu11shit!
That dog will swallow the kitten and he wont even notice it!

If there was indeed a battle in the first place, the kitten would win only if he survives being swallowed first and then somehow manages to claw up the dog's insides before the kitten suffocates which is also unlikely.