Fish With Human-like Teeth

Pacu fish, cousins to the piranha and known as “frugivores,” have human-like teeth that can crack nuts and fruits.

I used to have a pacu!!! When we first got it it was so creepy cause right after we turned off the tank light we'd hear a bunch of splashing and then the next morning one of the other fish would be gone!! And then he eventually got to big for our tank so we had to sell him... But he had super big teeth!! I even named him shark tooth just cause you could see his razor like beauties really well!!

We all came from the ocean it's called evolution my friends, ever seen the fossil fish that has arms?

They are an invasive species in africa. There is not enough fruit there so they are eating meat. They are a type of pirana. Biting the nuts off of men in the water. Watch River Monsters.

Yeah they can chew thru a person pretty good

now it belongs to human family, aw HUMAN SMILE rather hahaha

Wowsers! Now I have to google that fish which has a human face.