that's exactly how i look like every morning!!

hehe.. reminds me of stewie from family guy..
dude this looks like the scientist off of the green latern that gets special powers from the alien :P

Whatta cute little kidden! :))

I feel this kitty's pain....

That's freaking adorable! Whoever woke him up had better hide. XD

thats me on a monday morning

That is how my cat used to look at me too. EVERY MORNING! lol

My 7 year old daughter would be best friends with this cat...that's exactly how she wakes up - not Good Morning, but you will pay for this!

I'm like this. I've smashed many alarm clocks because of this.

its my kitty in the morning!!!!!!!!!! she does not believe in light it is evil to her lol

hahahahah, I'm actually morbidly afraid of kittens but this is so funny!!

This is what Robert see's every morning at 6 am when he wakes me up lol