cute but energizer is the bunny not duracell

My friend use to do this with her little blk and wht bunny she had. she would put it on it's back in her lap and just pet it's head till it fell asleep and it wouldn't move for a long time. Too cute!

lol...too cute! They are actually hypnotized...we use this technique in the vet or hold the bunny on it's back...then rub tummy in circular motion...only takes a minute or so...wala...bunny hypnotized!

awww, they're so adorable!!

that is interesting! I never knew the story behind the battery bunny. I'm shocked Energizer didn't get sued!!

Funny how people refer to durecell and the bunnies... I though the whole bunny and battery thing belong to energizer. Maybe I have it all wrong and there is no such thing as energizer bunny.

I too had to "hypnotize" a bunny for surgery, he was being neutered and drugs used at that time didn't work on bunnies to that degree. As long as I kept on stroking it's tummy it seemed to be almost comatose, but if I faltered, it would begin to wake up and move...really odd if you think about it.

The awkward moment when everyone realizes the bunny is the mascot for ENERGIZER not Duracell

Rabbits go into a trance like state when put on their backs, real cute!

Bunnies DO do this, if you lie them back a rub their tummies, they will go into a trance! No mine tho', she's a psycho!

theyre not drugged, if you put them on their back they get sleepy. thats the only way we could give our babies their medicine lmao. too cute

If they're real/alive, they're either asleep [unlikely but possible] or have been put in a 'trance', which isn't a trance; its called 'tonic immobility' and its a state of temporary paralysis animals [prey animals mostly] can go into, induced by a significant threat or pain usually. Basically playing dead in a last attempt to be freed by a predator and inrease chances of escape. Science at this point indicated that its stressful for rabbits at the very least. It isn't hard to put a rabbit in a trance and it may be cute, but considering not even science knows the full implications [except it isn't good for them], it shouldn't be done without considering the potential damage.