Totally true for us! We should make one side of the window "before" and one side "after".

Someone is looking to get robbed... people have no sense.

How about "Two Adults, No Kids, No Money Either." The stick figures would be wearing barrels.

I need a decal with myself, $$$, motorcycles, beer, and women.

haha so funny me and my bf were just saying the other night how we are this (DINK) lol i so want this sticker!!

is that one of those my family stickers people put on their rear car windows? they have them over here too & i hate them!! ps hope you don't have one lol

those stick figures look sooooo happy. Must be the no kid joy on their faces

the name of the dinks from the tv series doug stems from d-i-n-k or double income no kids

At one point in our lives, Bill and I were DINKS- Double Income No Kids!