Gotta be that typical girl! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Wouldve been cuter with a puppy......:)

or ... trying to nail that new yoga-pose

Awwwww! Yip, must be new yoga-pose :)

lol youll be fine, i've seen a cat in a more disturbing position, head and front feet facing one direction butt and back legs somehow both facing completely opposite direction and curled like a crescent moon somehow at the same time

awwwww, i want ten of them

cuddles and kisses make you feel better :)

if I could get in that position there is no vet in the world that could help me.

kitten needs a hug I love kittens

That one needs mouse to mouse resuscitation ;-)

i'm avet and yourn't broken ,you'r joken :D