this is crazy!

it takes a lot of concentration to switch between the two images

A Picasso for the 21st Century.

Devils Double the movie

That's what happens when you give someone a piece of your mind

tweek of the brain, insane can't quit looking, side and front profile, wow!

slight eye pain acquired trying to stare at both view point at once...

the apifiny of the meaning two faced...

This guy is perfect for an illusion

Right brain...left brain...right

I knew I needed glasses! Seeing double!

this is freaky makes me feel drunk when i look at it lol

^There's nothing to get, it's made to trip you out.

whoa!! this tripped me out when i glanced at it. then i took a second look and saw something different. crazzzyyyyyy

If you concentrate on it too long, your brain will explode!

my left and right eye has different oppinion :(