But do they change their status to "No Kids"??

Best to just leave blank! lol!

It's kinda the easiest way out

sometimes i feel like i would....

childish behavior, i have a friend right now who don't know if she single or not..her so-call man even unfriend her when him piss. kinda sad

I don't understand couple who have a fight and call it quits after only a few months/years of marriage

Most couples fight just to make up! The sex is better they say??????? So,what's up with you and the parents???? I hope not?

hat is too funny and goes to show how people are so fast to jump in and out of relationships without trying to work it out first...puts things in perspective when you see it this way...

Its one thing to fight with your parents and depending on what it was about; its quite another to try to make something work with someone you may not have known all that long or are unwilling or unable to make it work.