My soul is being stared at.

What the hell happened to the ears?

I just want to take it's little face and kiss it!

This is a Scottish Fold cat. The ears stay pinned down as the cat has ears. Lol there are also cats with ears that curve backwards.

Its eyes are eating my soul!

I only read the comments to see what kinda cat was it lol. And i don't like cats that much.

Oh love it! So adorable! I want one! The American curl is cute, but i much prefer this cute breed!

"Wot u looking at?? I am trying to read my mail so go away" cums to mind wen I saw this xxxx lmao

I see a lot of videos from Japan with these kinds of cats. Did they originate their?

any one plz if you know the name of this cat kind i wanna have one