I believe he has changed his name too. He is now 'The Roid'

For his build the way it was before he really didn't add a whole lot more on....the tan and the shaved head also help in the look of larger effect. He most definitely could reach these effects by diest and working out. If he were on roids his muscle tone would be even bulkier and more round. He has also maintained the same build for years so his body was basically "at rest" so increasing a more intense workout and diets change was all it took. As for "wanting" to look like this.....it's getting him roles so why not!

which one do you think looks better, right or left..... IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT SIDE YOU THINK IS BETTER!!!! :p

Heck of a tatoo on his left arm. I mean left tree trunk

Ivan has it right; The Rock has ALWAYS been built...always in great great shape; by eating right and upping his exercise and weight lifting regime, this is what you get; his ancestry also plays a part as well; he comes from a background that includes Samoan ancestry...and the Samoan warriors were HUGE men...very very muscle bound...very powerful...so its no surprise that he is looking like his ancestors by doing the changes he has done...

HOLY CRAP it looks like he's all swelled up from a bug bite!! LOLOLOLOLOL JK............I love The Rock, and I have always been able to "smell what The Rock is cookin"!!!!!

Working out is an awesome feeling but i don't want to be the pic on the right

I prefer the smaller. I will talk to him about it when we have lunch.