nope, the aliens built it. it would take far longer to build ALL the pyramids, but the argument is still out there, along with Stonehenge and a few others. atleast one of them was built with something non human.. possibly the pyrimids

not built by slaves. it was built by the farmers during the winter so they had something to do and they were paid very well.

If they were so advanced how come we're more advanced? For example: the Mayans would rip people's beating hearts out to please a sun god. If they were advanced, they'd know what the sun really was. Also, they had no idea about the imperfections of the Earths rotation around the sun, thus giving us a leap year. Their calendar is already expired if we were using it. So that proves they weren't so advanced.

It would take over 50 heavy weight lift cranes to life one block on the pyramid.

Take some rocks, make them molten, shape it. Solved. Would also explain why they all fit so perfectly too.

Max is wrong about the calendar - the Mayan calendar is indeed accurate, and the introduction of Leap Years is a modification necessary for our modern calendar. So, the recently popular myth about the end of the Mayan calendar having passed years ago is false. Look it up.

Also, the great pyramid at Giza is still a mystery. Take your best guess as to how it was constructed, but drawing a definite conclusion is bad science at this point, since even the most informed experts on the subject can't explain it.