This is the universe according to the Quran.
The entire universe has only two parts - earth and sky (heavens). Quran 21:30, 14:38, 21:4, 22:70, 31:26
Everything that exists is between heavens and earth Quran 21:16
Earth was created before heavens 41:9-11, 2:29
Heavens are divided into seven layers. 2:29, 41:12
Heavens are solid roofs : 21:32, the sky (heaven) can fall on earth and injure people : 34:9
It is possible to reach heavens with ladders : 6:35
Heaven is raised above using invisible pillars. : 13:2
God's throne is 'above' the 7th heaven where there is a sea: 11:7
Stars are located at the lowest layer of the heaven. 37:6, 41:12
Moon is located in the middle heaven. 71:16
Sun, moon and other heavenly bodies move in the dome of heaven : 21:33
Earth has an edge where the sun sets (setting point of the sun) at a pond of muddy water :18:86
Sun has a resting place until he rises again : 36:38
Sun also has a fixed course around the earth : 36:38
Quran does not speak of eclipses. It says that Sun and moon cannot overtake each other : 36:40. Prophet Mohammed saw an eclipse only once in his lifetime. He spent the whole day in mosque thinking the end was near, Because 75:6-9 says that in the end of the world, the sun and the moon will catch up.
Sun is a glorious lamp for the earth and moon is a light of beauty. 10:5
Meteors are missiles to hit evil spirits : 67:5, 72:8
Earth is like a carpet, firm and immovable - 15:19, 43:10, 50:07, 20:53, 51:48
Earth is so flat that if you remove the mountains, you'll see it as one stretch : 18:47
Mountains keep the 'carpet' of earth firm, as pegs : 16:15, 78:7
There are 7 earths like 7 heavens : 65:12