I say if you really want the relationship there is no need to hide anything,.but we all know the sneaks lies and cheats..

The smart ones do it every time...the slick ones mess up eventually. Lol

Yeah...we're animals (in a good way). It's probably going to happen. It's just beating off.

oh so its dishonesty! well done i hope your relationships are not as painful as your breakups

the key to a successful relationship is honesty, not this bullshit.

more like NOT having to clear your internet history. If you're truly committed to ur relationship there will be nothing needed to be cleared!

I agree with Kim :) if u have to sneak around and delete ur history then u don't need to be in a relationship period!! If u can't be open and honest with the one person u r suppose to be open and honest to then stay single.

I gave my husband all my emails & passwords but he locks his phone..relationship..???

If your honest and open that's not necessary if you have to delete your history for your relationship to be good it's already shit

Sad that we have gotten to this, but it could save a lot of relationships! Actually not having any dirt on you could save you even more! Simple!

This is not funny at all!!!! A lot of things I found in my husbands internet history led to the divorce we're going through right now. I "liked" this page to laugh, not get pissed.