That's do freaking adorable! I wish I was that dog :-)

If you love elephants you must read Modoc !! An amazing book .The true story of the greatest elephant that ever lived!

This reminds me of the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. Not sure if both animals are alive, but they developed a friendship when the elephant was brought to the sanctuary.

Oh I'm bringing home a baby elephant won't my Mommy really split her pants...cause I'm bringing home a baby elephant. (roflmao not bad for off the top of my head!)

Glad u followed me home, cause I got to keep u. ;-)

Only if i get to mount a fortress on his back and consider him a mumakill from lord of the rings (or whatever they were called).

Like this if you ever under your childhood have took any injured wild animal home and said "can we keep him?"

‎"Okay, but you feed him and clean up after him."