What happened to Amanda Todd is really tragic. However, writing status’ and posting pictures about her isn’t going to help. It’s fair enough saying how beautiful they were and how they didn’t deserve whatever was happening to them, but unfortunatley its too late to tell them now, maybe if someone had befriended them and helped them when they needed it then the likes of Amanda Todd and Olivia Penpraze would still be here today. Someone tries to commit suicide every 40 seconds in USA alone, where is the ‘awareness day’ for all of their lost lives? If you really want to make a difference then help someone who still has a chance; the kid that you or all your friends pick on; the one who sits alone; the one who keeps quiet and distant. Stand up for those who are being bullied and abused every day, you never know if one of the insults someone throws at them is going to be the one that pushes them over the edge.  How many beautiful lives do we have to lose before we realise that society is fucked up? Make a difference NOW instead before it’s too late, no one deserves to be going through this, everyone deserves to live and no one has the right to make someone feel so worthless that they want to give up completly.

If your reading this and your feeling worthless or someone makes you feel like shit every day firstly, i understand. Please stay strong, you are sooo beautiful and you’ll make it through it all and come out on top, just hang on:) smile gorgeous, im always here if you need me <3