I want a baby koala!!!

I’d take that baby right to a Eucalyptus Tree. What a cutie. They are nocturnal animals , and that’s why they are friendly during the day. DON’T try that with them at night. Rip your leg right off.

The feeling that so called "cute" coala peing in your shoe in that situation? so cute anymore? ;)

I would NOT enjoy the CLAWS of DEATH of a koala dug into my leg - - - It IS a darling photo though!

Mommy,,, put some more eucalyptus on your leg!

hey look its a koala bear♥

should said "DON'T LEAF!!"

btw to all you people that say i want one, koalas are like raccoons. They're cute and playful when they're babies, but when they grow up they're all claws and teeth and will tear your face off to get to the juiciness underneath.