l love cats, but l'm afraid to get one because l don't know what havoc it would get up to on my Studio ...Speaker covers for one...

Reminds me of my cat who has yet to figure out the sliding glass door, THUD almost every day lol:/

cant tell you how many times my cat has done this

Oh man my cat does this all the time... make no sense to replace the blinds! But they look like crap I'm going with curtains next time!

LOL...I'd never survive having a cat, I'd have a stroke from laughing!

Lol. My cat lays in between the blinds too. All I see is his tail and behind:)

What is it with cats and blinds?!? And shower curtains...and empty boxes...and fresh vases of cut flowers...and that fresh glass of water you poured for yourself...and your pillow...and your Sparkly jewelry.......?!? But you got to love 'em!!!

probably time for plans C, D and E lol...

My cat Miss cured herself of climbing stuff like that when she was a kitten.
I had these curtains on spring rods. I looked over at the window, just in time to see curtain, rod, and kitten fall down between the wall and wood box.
Had to untangle cat from curtain.
She never climbed anything like that again. :)